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New Volunteer Opportunity: CASA Crusaders

CASA Crusaders: new volunteer opportunity

CASA in the Heart of Texas realizes that not every qualified adult who cares about children and has a heart for our mission can, for whatever reason, be a court appointed special advocate.

For these people we have created CASA Crusaders, a group of auxiliary volunteers who will carry the standard of CASA and help in our mission in whatever ways they are able.


Each of these volunteers will have unique gifts and interests.  We will try to capitalize on those to plug them in to our mission.  These volunteers might help us with awareness building activities such as helping us at our information table at community events, delivering flyers to publicize upcoming information sessions or events, or helping our staff and board members build connections with other people in the community who can help with our mission.  Some might help us with decorating for events while others help with baking goodies or finding venues or vendors we need for events.  Some might help us contact organizations where we might speak and present the mission of CASA, and some might even become part of a recruitment team or help us with retention efforts.  We are specifically hoping to find someone who is gifted in the computer/IT area that we can call on for assistance from time to time. While we don’t have an exhaustive list here, we basically will have a group of people we can call on for help with anything other than being a CASA.  This group of volunteers will also have some training, but far less than the 33 hours required for CASAs, and the amount may vary depending on their gifts/interests and the type of service they want to participate in.

Please contact the CASA office at 325-643-2557 or email us at casa.tr@familysc.net if you are interested in this volunteer opportunity.